Commercial HVAC Tips

We are here to give you some advice on how to keep your commercial HVAC system in great shape, use less energy, and save costs.

  • First think about how to reduce your usage of heat or ac before considering new equipment. Think about what you NEED before you jump into anything.
  • Always, always have us quote you on the specs of a new cooling system. You can avoid extra costs at the time of installation by knowing the efficiency and lifestyle costs of a new system. Ask questions!
  • Know your size. If you over-size your new HVAC equipment, you could run into massive installation costs that you might not actually need to deal with. Request a professional sizing calculation.
  • Energy-Star qualified? Try to go with this when purchasing new commercial HVAC units. You will notice the benefits.
  • Don’t forget the VENTILATION in HVAC. Make sure you have energy-recovery ventilation systems so your air streams are exhausted properly keeping your business air clean, fresh and efficient.
  • Do you have a humidity issue? Get a dehumidifier. Seems pretty simply, but it is often overlooked. This can also help you downsize unnecessary equipment.

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