Prepping your AC Unit for the Summer Heat

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Don't wait until the first day of Summer to check your AC unit. Start prepping your unit now so you can find problems before the weather heats up. Here are a few maintenance tips to make sure you stay cool this summer. 

Focus on the air filter
The first thing you should check is the air filter. You may have a disposable or a permanent air filter depending on your AC unit. If you have a disposable filter, change it before switching on the AC unit. If your AC unit uses a permanent air filter, clean it thoroughly to keep the unit working efficiently. Having a clean filter ensures there is nothing restricting the cool air from circulating freely.

Clean out the air vents
Your AC unit can only work optimally when there is nothing obstructing the flow of air in the vents. You can choose to physically check if there are any blockages in the vents or you can have a professional clean the vents for you. This ensures even coverage of your AC unit within your property.

Clean the area around the unit
If you have an outdoor AC unit make sure to clear any debris around it. Remove branches or leaves that could be blocking or touching the AC unit. A good rule of thumb is to have space of about two feet surrounding the unit.

Test your AC unit once you've done the above prep work. If something isn't working right call us and we'll take a look at it for you.