What Is a Preventative Maintenance Plan?


Your car needs regular maintenance and service to make sure it’s running well, why wouldn’t your HVAC system not need that either? By understanding the importance of a preventative maintenance you can take advantage of timely service and get access to important support solutions throughout the year. HVAC maintenance allows you to be prepared for whatever season you are in.

Having an HVAC preventative maintenance plan includes a plethora of benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiency – annual efficiency loss for normal system use can be five percent or more and a tuneup can counteract this loss.

  • Identification of faulty parts – a mechanical system experiences wear over time, and regular HVAC maintenance allows for worn out or broken parts to be repaired or replaced as needed.

  • HVAC safety – heating equipment that operates through the combustion of fuel can pose a safety risk through carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, making annual inspections a crucial safety measure for your household.

  • Longevity of your equipment – you can expect approximately 14 years of service from a heat pump or air conditioner and approximately 20 years of service from a furnace. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of early equipment failures and costly upgrade needs.