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Accredited Bosch Contractor

Learn why we choose Bosch as our system (IDS System) of choice

Trinity Member Benefits



  • Priority service

  • 10% discount on service repairs

  • Two inspections and cleanings per year, one cooling and one heating

  • Saves on your energy bill

  • Extends the longevity of your system and minimizes unexpected failures

Call to set up your yearly account with us

The process is quick and easy! Just tell us your interested in being a Trinity Member and we will apply all our member benefits to your account for added home security and comfort.


Enjoy all the benefits (with zero worry) regarding the state of your heating and air conditioning equipment. We do bi-yearly service check-ups to extend the life of your ac units and water heaters. 


Become a Trinity Member today and simplify your equipment care!

1 system - $160yr

2 system - $300yr

3 system - $480yr

4+ system - Call

We look forward to meeting you and evaluating your unit!

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